Entralpi: a new rising force in training for climbing

By Alexi Hachey-Brunet, November 27, 2019

You can ask any experienced climber: one of the key factors to improve your climbing is developing your finger strength. While many trainings are already designed for the campus board and different hangboards, a young company from Montreal is pushing a new idea that could revolutionize finger strength training.

Félix Bourassa-Moreau is a climbing feek. As an engineer and a dedicated climber for more than 15 years, Félix decided to use his knowledge to improve his climbing performance. He seemed well aware that improving his finger strength was necessary in order to improve his climbing level, but he also knew about the numerous injury risks that come with the repeated use training tools.

That is the main reason he developed a “smart” hangboard for his personal use in 2013. The enthusiasm of the climbing community for his invention finally convinced Félix to start his own company and to present his training methods to the climbing world.

What is new about Entralpi?

For Félix, the main problem in finger strength training is the injury risks created by the lack of control of the intensity variable. In a regular hang routine, it is indeed complex to effectively measure one’s progression, but also hard to separate factors such as exhaustion or the individual power of each finger.

Entralpi therefore presents itself as a “smart platform”, a kind of electronic scale, that we connect to an app and use in conjonction with any form of hangboard. While standing on the platform during our hangs, we can manage the intensity of these by observing the variations on the app. Thus, it is possible to build a long-term personalized training and focus our weaknesses to efficiently improve our finger strength. The app also provides rehabilitation programs, as well an opportunity to isolate the strength of every finger. Many features that could be useful in preparation for your future project or in your quest to improve your climbing level!

Is Entralpi coming any time soon?

Felix’s young enterprise just finished its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and is ready to be available for the public soon. Many enthusiastic climbers already pre-ordered their platform and experts such as Eric J. Hörst of Training for Climbing already manifested their support for the initiative.

Entralpi is also expanding its exposure in local events and gives the opportunity to climbers to test the device during demos in many gyms across the province. It is also possible that you’ve tested Entralpi while visiting Julien, our physiotherapist at Bloc Shop, who uses the device to treat his patients. In short, it is certainly not the last time you will hear about Entralpi!

To learn more: entralpi.com