Private coaching is mainly focused on movements. We will perfect your understanding of the basic principles and the specific problems of your climbing.


1-hour session: $ 70
+ $ 10 for one additional person / workshop

Available to climbers of all levels.


  • Warm-up
  • Principles of movement
  • Structuring your climbing sessions
  • Continuous improvement
  • Visualization
  • Mental preparation
  • Route reading
  • Strategy for climbing both in competition or outside


Nicolas offers private coaching in French, English and Spanish.

Nicolas is passionate about climbing in all its forms. It was in high school that he fell into it. Now he has gray hair, that’s telling you! For him, climbing is a way of life. Travel and the discovery of different outdoor climbing areas have always been a source of inspiration & learning. Very empathetic, Nicolas has an ability to dissect movements to make them effective and easier to understand. Whether you want to improve technically, physically or mentally, he is here for you.

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Anne-Frederique offers private coaching in French.

She believes that there is always a way to have fun while working on our weaknesses. She started her journey teaching group aerobics and private workouts in a weight room. For Anne-Frederique, it is by stepping out of our comfort zone that we can acquire new tools to progress. Whether it’s to work on your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility or mental toughness, she will be more than happy to give you all the tips you need to tame your weaknesses.

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Arnaud offers private coaching in French and English.

He has been passionate about the climbing & fitness lifestyle for several years and loves to share his knowledge. Arnaud will be able to help you surpass yourself both physically and mentally, both in climbing as well as bodybuilding. Like his climbing style, Arnaud offers dynamic and concise coaching. The key to success and longevity in rock climbing, he says, is being versatile, having a well-balanced body and a rock-solid state of mind.

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Daniel offers coaching in French, English and Romanian.

Daniel has completed all chapters of the game Unsolved Crimes on the nintendo DS. He is therefore an excellent observer. He will be able to help you identify micro weaknesses in your climbing in order to improve your fluidity on the wall. For Daniel, it is important to feel good and to climb effortlessly. The most important part of the work is done before trying your project. Whether it’s in terms of confidence, preparation, or good mood (especially for good mood), Daniel is the coach for you.

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Julian offers coaching in French and English.

Julian is a climber with a passion for movement. He loves looking for the most refined and fluid sequences to climb boulder problems. After several years of competitive ultimate frisbee, he fell in love with rock climbing. He spends his time developping new boulders in the Laurentians as well as traveling to climb as much as possible. Whatever your plans are, he will understand your climbing goals.

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Rafaël offers coaching in French and English.

You may very well have seen him at the front desk or just tugging on the smallest holds he coudl find. Rafaël is passionate about physical activity in all its forms, but above all a lover of the pleasure and benefits that sport provides. Future physical education teacher and fervent competitor, Rafaël likes to understand the details of a sport that will allow him to improve and surpass himself. He will know how to help you find the details that will make you appreciate the sport in all its aspects. His friendly and dynamic approach will lead you to surpass yourself, but above all to have fun.

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Sol’Abraham offers coaching in French, English and Spanish.

Driven by a passion for climbing, extreme sports and education, Sol is the perfect coach to push your limits, refining your techniques and developing your love for the sport. Opting for coaching with Sol means benefiting from a vision forged by more than 20 years of experience in outdoor, indoor and competitive circuit climbing. By booking a session with him, whether you are a beginner, athlete or rock star, you can expect an experience of the highest quality in terms of empathy, rigor and professionalism.

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