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By Mathieu Elie, November 22, 2018

Have you been entertaining the idea of getting in shape for a while? Or maybe you want to push your climbing performance to another level? Now is the perfect time to sign up for private training at Bloc Shop! With our facilities, which strive to offer the best climbing gym in Montreal, we offer professional training in a specialized environment, always at the forefront of climbing development.

One thing is certain: these specialized trainings are adapted to you, your level and your needs.

Private Workshop – Progression

The first option available to you is the private workshop. It is a punctual training where you can work on themes of your choice. You can buy one or several sessions, at your leisure or according to the work that needs to be done! This workshop is intended primarily for climbers who wish to improve their understanding of movements as well as the key principles underlying high performance climbing. The approach of the private workshop is mainly based on movement execution, reinforced by video feedback. Move well, move better.

Otherwise, the key elements that are addressed are warm-up, managing climbing session, reading the problems, different strategies for free or competition climbing and mental preparation in your climbing routine.

Workshop participants must be 14 years old or older.

The rate is $ 50 per hour. You can be up to four participants, at a cost of $ 10 / additional hour per additional person.

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100—day training plan

The second option available to you as a private workout is the 100-day training plan. This option takes place in three phases of five weeks, or 100 days in total. These 100 days include both a climbing training schedule and an additional training plan specific to your needs.

With this option you will get:

  • An hour of physical testing and evaluation at the first session – which will help our coach better understand and target your strengths, weaknesses and needs.
  • One hour per 5-week phase in person with the coach, to explain how the planning works and to present each exercise in detail.
  • Mail consultations to answer your questions as needed.3 hours of personalized planning by your coach.
  • You will receive your monthly training and the procedure to follow at your second meeting.

Again, participants must be at least 14 years old.

The price for a 100-day training is $ 350.

buy a 100-day training plan at chabanel  buy a 100-day training plan at hochelaga

Our coach : Simon

Whatever you choose, it is with Simon Généreux-Vien, a climbing reference in Montreal, that you will get to learn and to surpass yourself.

A member of our Team Bloc Shop coaching staff , Simon has an impressive climbing background as a coach and athlete. He also masters the specifics of both indoor and outdoor climbing. Furthermore, having completed a DEC in physical rehabilitation, he knows very well the problems and solutions to the various climbing-related troubles.

In short, he is well equipped to help you achieve your goals. 

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