This private workshop is mainly focused on movements. We will improve your understanding of the basic climbing principles and problems specific to your climbing. After this workshop, you will be able to apply your skills in every type of boulders.

Offered to climbers of all levels.

The following principles are addressed according to your needs:

Warm-up, principles of movement, structuring your climbing sessions, continuous improvement, visualization , mental preparation, route reading, and strategy for climbing both in competition or outside.

You must be 14 or older to participate in a private workshop.

1 hour session: $50
+ $10 per additional person up to 4 people total/workshop


Program focused on climbing specific physical training tailored to customers’ needs.

Training planning in three phases of 5 weeks.

One hour per phase in person with your coach to explain the planning, the progression and demonstrate the exercises.

One hour of assessment during the first session(only needed the first month) to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Email consultations if needed.

You must be 14 or older to participate in a 100-day training plan.

First period, 100 days planning + evaluation: $ 350
Next periods, 100 day planning: $ 300

Nos entraîneurs

Simon Généreux-Vien

Simon offers coaching in french and english.

For the last ten years, Simon has built his climbing experience both indoors and outdoors. He made his coaching debut with junior teams while he entered the provincial competition circuit himself.

In the past few years, Simon has been assistant coach with the provincial junior team. Simon has studied physical rehabilitation which helps him understand various types of physical problems related to climbing and training.

Olivia Wyett

Olivia offers coaching in french and english.

She started climbing at 12. She has been immersed in competitive climbing for 8 years now. Olivia currently studies kinesiology and she intends to pursue a master degree to study climbing biomecanics.

She has a great aptitude to analyzing climbing movements. Olivia is always striving to increase movement efficiency through strength and flexibility.

Corinne offers coaching in French and English.

She has been climbing for almost fifteen years. After spending a decade on the junior competition circuit, she shifted her attention towards outdoor bouldering.

Today, she mainly focuses on routesetting, coaching, as well as a return to competition. Regarding her in-depth understanding of climbing movements, Corinne knows how to offer advice adapted to the varied styles and objectives of climbers.

David offers coaching in French and English.

Since his beginnings on the competitive circuit, David has consistently looked to push himself further and explore the field of training in climbing. His hockey referee past and position as the assistant coach of the Bloc Shop competitive team gives David an edge on rigorous and thorough training plans.

As a student in physiotherapy, David is guided in his approach to climbing by his knowledge on biomechanics and the human body. His interests are centered around the prevention of injuries and surpassing oneself while offering personalized coaching to his trainees.