While keeping the fun aspect of physical exercise and the general objective of simply becoming a better climber, this team directs its training towards the development of climbing elements specific to each team member. The annual planning will be defined on several axes to offer the most complete development. Athletes will go through group physical training, strategy development, mental work and the refinement of climbing techniques.

The climbing exercises as well as the physical and mental preparation will be adapted to the V4+ climber.


Danny Latulippe (Hochelaga) and Sol’Abraham Castaneda Ouellet (Mile-Ex) will be the team’s head coach for the season.


The season will take place in two parts:
September 11th-December 24th
January 16th-April 16th

Hochelaga training: Tuesday 7:30PM-9:30OPM
Mile-Ex training: Wednesday 7:30PM-9:30OPM


2 hours / week supervision
Annual planning with our Bloc Shop Fit app
Team jersey


Unlimited membership Block shop
FQME license fees
Competition fees


The price for the whole season is 1100$, or 550$ for half the season.

A first payment of 550$ is for the period leading to December 24th. A second payment of 550$ will be due for the rest of the season.



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