Whatever your level, the Bloc Shop team will help you surpass yourself.



YES! Bloc Shop offers boulders for all difficulty levels. There is something for everyone, from the very beginner to the very advanced climber.

Of course, your needs and those of national-level athletes are different. And whether it’s the elite athlete or your mom, everyone can benefit from better fitness and a bit of fun. The tools we offer at the Shop are the ones you’ll need to achieve these goals!

Of course, your choice of routes, as well as the frequency and quality of your training must be adapted to your level. Neat route setting, a few drops of sweat, and a little help from our experienced staff will take your climbing level to new heights. The skin of your fingers will be sensitive and your orange juice gallon will feel heavier the day after your workout, but isn’t that why you come climbing?

All the great climbers in competitions and climbing videos are normal people (well, most of them!). They are parents, they work, they go to school and they all started out like you. A little effort will get you far and getting in shape while having fun is extremely motivating and addictive. You’ve been warned!

To climb, you will need sportswear (top is mandatory) and indoor shoes (or sandals). You will need your personal chalk bag. You will be able to buy the items you need on-site or on our online shop. Several options are available at all prices. You will be able to rent shoes on-site if needed.

Training, sport, leisure: a way of life.
Climbing has been growing rapidly in recent years. Long considered a mainstream sport in Europe, climbing has become increasingly popular in America. Bouldering is a climbing discipline practiced at a maximum height of 16 feet, above large mattresses and without the rope or hardware associated with rope climbing. The climber can then concentrate solely on his technique and movements, making the experience easier and more enjoyable for those who wish to learn how to climb. The climber can also practice specific, technical, or powerful movements at will and efficiently.

Bouldering improves endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

The Bloc Shop’s facilities will allow sports enthusiasts to practice the sport at many levels, from weekend activities to high-level sports.

Conclusion: Bloc is a social, fun, and a great fitness engine.

Yes! We recommend the age of 7 to be more comfortable on our walls.

– All children must be supervised at all times.
– The supervisor cannot climb and must be aged 18 and over.
– Each child under the age of 7 must remain at an arm’s length of his supervisor at all times.
– It is forbidden to run or play on the mattresses.
– Access to the training section is prohibited for those under 14 years old.

Ratio UNDER 7: One child per supervisor who does not climb.
Ratio 7-13 YEARS: Two children per supervisor who does not climb.

Remember that minors must have the consent form completed by a parent or legal guardian online, before their arrival.

Here’s the good news: the best training to become a good climber is to climb. In the beginning, your greatest gains will be in technique rather than physical ability. Body composition plays an important role in climbing, but everyone can have fun climbing great problems!

From a certain level, some climbers will want to have additional training. To this end, a wide variety of specific and general training equipment is available at the Shop. The strength of stabilizers (abdominals and their antagonists) and fingers are crucial in climbing. The majority of climbers will, therefore, choose to target them in their additional training. Jogging, multi-joint exercises, and antagonist exercises will help you prevent injuries and make you a complete athlete.

Conclusion: Climbing is fun and the more you climb, the better you become. You don’t NEED to train. Climbing IS training in itself. However, if you want to become a climbing machine and training is your business, don’t worry, Bloc Shop has what you need!

We’ve said it before: climbing is a great physical activity to challenge your mind and body. It’s a great way to relax after a hard day of work, spend time with friends or simply in a motivating environment. Everyone knows that being happy is good for your health. Plus, being around a group of happy and like-minded people can do so much more.

Most of us think that climbing is the best excuse to eat better, drink more water, and do more sports. You could find yourself breathing the fresh country air by climbing every weekend. And, one day, you might find yourself climbing boulders on the other side of the world. It happened to us, and we loved it!

All climbers must fill the waiver before climbing with us. To speed up your registration, fill it out online before your first visit.

Minors must have a parent or legal guardian fill out the consent form, either online or on-site.

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