Every climber has to fill out the liability waiver form before their first climb.  To speed up the registration process you can fill out the form online before your first visit.

Under 18 years old? Minors have to have the liability waiver form signed by a parent or legal guardian, either online or on site.

Liability Waiver Form


Entry rates at Bloc Shop apply to climbing for a whole day.  You can leave AND re-enter in the same day.  Upon arrival, our employees will briefly explain the rules of play and the safety guidelines. Bam! Hit that wall!

Daypass: 20$
Daypass for kids, CLIMBING OR NOT (2-13 years) : 10$
Early bird (in before 2pm) : 15$
Shoe rental : 5$
Shoe rental kids : 3$
7 days unlimited* : 25$

*You really really want to try this out?  We offer 7 days of unlimited climbing for 25$, an intro membership that will let you test your skills and your enthusiasm for the sport.


Athletic clothing is all you need to bring.  Bloc Shop supplies all the free chalk for your sweaty palms and climbing shoe rental is available if necessary.


YES! Bloc Shop offers a ton of routes designed for every skill level.  From the newbies to the competitive climber, you will find exciting and challenging routes everywhere.

Of course everyone’s needs are different, but whether it’s a seasoned athlete or your mom, we all benefit from getting into shape and having some fun while you’re at it.  The tools offered at the Shop are what you need to attain these goals.

Let’s get this straight though: the routes you choose to do, the frequency and quality of your training have to be tailored to your level.  With our renowned routesetting, a little sweat on the brow and a bit of help from our experienced employees, your climbing skills can reach new heights.  Sure your muscles will be pumped, the skin on your fingers might be a bit raw, and that liter of orange juice will feel like it weighs a ton the next day but isn’t that the reason you started climbing anyways?

All the climbers around you that you’ve seen at the competitions, the climbing videos and THAT person you’ve gawked at in the climbing gym are all normal people (ok, maybe some are super human!).  They are parents, they are 9-5ers, they go to school and they’ve all started exactly where you are right now.  A little bit of effort will take you far; and getting you into shape while having fun is extremely motivating.  Win-win! Oh and you just might develop a mild addiction. You’ve been warned!


Bloc Shop welcomes climbing kids! We recommend that parents wait until their children are at least 7 years of age before they bring them to our facility. This way we can ensure a safe and high quality for everyone. We recommend that you visit our facility before bringing your child so you can familiarize yourself with our climbing environment, kids limitations and see for yourself it they match your children’s needs and your expectations.  We do not offer specific sessions for kids nor do we host birthday parties.  DON’T FORGET, minors have to fill the liability waiver form by a parent or legal guardian, either online or at your first visit.

Please note that all kids must be supervised at all times.

7-13 years: the allowed ratio is 2 kids per supervising adult.

***if you are climbing, you are not supervising.

6 years and under: the allowed ratio is 1 kid per supervising adult.

***if you are climbing, you are not supervising. all kids 6 years and under must be within arms length of their superviser, at all times!

Daypass for kids, CLIMBING OR NOT (2-13 years) : 10$
Early bird for NON-CLIMBING KIDS (in before 2pm) : 0$
Daypass for babies (under 2 years) : 0$
Shoe rental kids : 3$


Bloc Shop has several parking spots along the side and the back of the building.  Street parking is available, but check the signs for restrictions. Otherwise after 6pm, all the street parking belongs to you!


A work out, a sport, a hobby: a lifestyle.

Rock climbing has seen dynamic growth in the last few years.  Practically a heritage sport in Europe – climbing has already been well recognized and established overseas and has been rapidly gaining in popularity in the Americas. Indoor bouldering is a form of rock climbing practiced at the maximum height of 16’ above the safety of giant mats, without the gear associated with rope climbing. The climber can then fully concentrate on their technique and movements, making the experience more accessible and fun for those new to the sport.  Taking it up to the next step: the climber can then work on the efficiency of movements and placements, refining techniques and increasing power.

Bouldering helps improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and precision. Hell yeah!

For the sports enthusiast the amenities at Bloc Shop can also help you add new spice to your sauce; as a new weekend activity or to help push you to your highest level.

Bottom Line: Bouldering is a fun and social way to get into shape.


Good news: the best training you can do to become a good climber is to climb.  At first, your biggest gains will be more technical than physical.  Your body composition and physical make up play a big role in climbing but ANYONE can enjoy climbing a sweet problem designed for their skill level.

At a certain point, some climbers might want to take it up a notch and pursue some complementary training.  At the Shop we are stocked with a variety of gym equipment designed specifically for climbing as well as overall body conditioning.   The strength of your core muscles and your fingers are crucial in climbing.  The majority of climbers tend to target these two aspects in parallel training sessions off the wall.  Jogging, multi-joint exercises and antagonistic muscle exercises will help with to prevent injuries and will help you become a well-rounded athlete.

Bottom line : Climbing is fun and the more you climb the better you get.  Extra training or conditioning is NOT required.  When you climb you train. But on the other hand if you want to attain next-level beast mode and conditioning is your thing, then game on! Bloc Shop has what you need.


We’ve said it before: climbing is an excellent physical activity to challenge your mind and your body.  It’s an awesome way to decompress after a long day of work, hang out with some friends or simply be in a positive and motivating environment.  Everyone knows that happiness is part of healthiness. On top of that being surrounded by people that share that happiness contributes even more to one’s well-being.  The majority of us believe that climbing is the best reason to eat better, drink more water and get more active.  Imagine yourself breathing in the fresh air of the outdoors while climbing every weekend.  And maybe one day you might find yourself pushing your limits on a boulder on the other side of the world.  This has happened to us, and we’ve loved every minute of it.