Meet the Team

A mix of accomplished athletes, Team Bloc Shop excels in multiple facets of climbing.

Photo:  Sébastien Lazure

Sébastien Lazure

A member of the canadian bouldering team, Sebastien also owns a climbing hold company. His agility, strength and determination have made him one of the country’s top climbing athlete.

Photo:  Fred Charron

Fred Charron

A veteran and avant-garde routesetter, Fred also excels on competition scene. If his intensity and creativity makes him stand out, his passion for the world of climbing remains his biggest asset.

Photo:  Véronique Gosselin

Véronique Gosselin

An experienced climber on the competitive circuit, Véronique has maintained herself among Quebec’s bouldering elite for many years. Her wisdom and smile reveal her vivid personality, both on a daily basis and on a climbing wall.

Photo:  Audrey Larochelle

Audrey Larochelle

Originally from Quebec City, Audrey grew up on the provincial junior circuit. Now climbing with adults, she is doing well, using her dynamism and incomparable will. Despite her small size, she can compete with the best.

Photo:  Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith

Coming from Ontario’s competitive circuit, Nathan has redefined expectations of junior athletes. We now know that they can compete with adults. Now that he is climbing with adults himself, he continues to redefine performance standards in the province.

Photo:  Pier-Michael Lemay

Pier-Michael Lemay

As a power climber, P-M is particularly fond of problems that allow him to express his brute force. If agility and subtlety are not usually part of his repertoire, he will still surprise you with his dazzling and constant progress !

Photo:  Ariane Sisavath

Ariane Sisavath

Curious, determined and humble, Ariane is always having fun. She knows how to laugh at her mistakes as well as her successes. Do not be fooled by her small size, strength and determination make her a surprising climber!

Photo:  Catherine Blanchard

Catherine Blanchard

The one that radiates  at all times, Catherine brings a necessary positive energy to the competition team. The unsuspected strength she hides under her smile motivates all the climbers on the team.

Photo:  Francis Bilodeau

Francis Bilodeau

The enigmatic Francis stands out for his finger strength and unconventional style. One thing is certain, the holds never seem too small for him. Francis is one of the first athletes from the junior circuit to pursue his career at this level.

Photo:  Zoe Beauchemin

Zoe Beauchemin

Originally from Western Canada, Zoe relies on her youth and drive to inspire her teammates. Playful and analytical, these qualities allowed her to be part of the Canadian National Junior Team. Her calm and precision make her a climbing ninja.

Photo:  Remi Chrusten

Remi Chrusten

Rémi has been performing on the competitive circuit for over a decade. His authenticity is obvious and makes him a teammate appreciated by all. Obviously, his climbing qualities and his constancy complete his positive personality. Rémi is a complete climber at all levels.

Falco Filotto

A natural athlete, climber, and spiritualist, Falco is always looking for new adventures and encounters that can take him even further in his personal journey. His greatness is matched only by his good humor, and his calm makes him most menacing on a climbing wall.